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Confidentiality Guaranteed

We also understand that the prospect of hiring a private investigator may be uncomfortable to some. You have our guarantee that no matter what your situation involves, we will listen to you and give you a detailed explanation of how we can help. A consultation with a private investigator is free and strictly confidential.

If you have a case in an area where we are not able to provide you with service, we would be more than happy to give you a complimentary referral to another private investigator that can assist you.

Bluegrass Private Investigations is highly trained in the art of Investigation and Surveillance. This training, combined with our diligence, work ethic and integrity, offer you the best service and the best results.

Background Checks

Identity & Credit
Driver's Records
Criminal Records
Referencing & Credentialing
Substance Abuse & Physicals
Global Solutions

Identity & Credit

A thorough identification process is the trademark of every successful screening program. The services that Bluegrass Private Investigation offers are intended to establish your candidate's identity and ability to work legally within the country. We verify residency, history and names used, and a variety of other personal information.

  • SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER TRACE: This is a crucial component of criminal history research. Address history is the roadmap used to select court jurisdictions that should be researched for criminal records.

  • PRE-EMPLOYMENT CREDIT REPORTS: These reports offer insight into the applicant's reliability and a sense of their responsibility.

  • HOMELAND SECURITY: Our Homeland Security Check is an instant, inexpensive tool that issues foreseeable risk to your customers, employees, and physical assets.

  • FEDERAL BANKRUPTCY SEARCHES: Each of the 94 federal judicial districts handle bankruptcy matters. In almost all districts bankruptcy cases are filed in the bankruptcy court. Bankruptcy cases cannot be filed in state courts. Bankruptcy laws help people, who can no longer pay their creditors, get a fresh start by liquidating their assets to pay their debts, or by creating a repayment plan.

  • I-9 SERVICES: Simplify and improve the efficiency of your Form I-9 employment verification process.
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Driver's Records

Reviewing an applicant's Motor Vehicle Report is an important search for those required to operate a company or personal vehicle for business purposes. Records will highlight driving history over the past 3-7 years and are available in all 50 states and Washington DC. Reports include all personal identifiers as well as offenses and citations.

Commercial Driver's License searches allow employers and their agents to comply with FMCSA requirements by searching within the "Commercial Driver's License Information System" for any prior licenses, current CDL and up to three prior licenses held by the individual.

  • Standard Motor
  • Vehicle Record
  • Commercial Drivers License Information Systems (CDLIS)
  • National Drivers Registry (NDR)
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) Drivers Records
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Criminal Records

Conducting a thorough criminal records search allows you to identify any convictions and/or infractions that belong to your candidate. These services enable organizations to exercise critical due diligence and avoid unnecessary risk in the workplace. Adverse information found can highlight acts of negligence, violence, fraud and/ or deviance.

  • COUNTY CRIMINAL CHECKS: This consists of an on-site manual search of the superior, upper, lower, and/or municipal court records. They are available in each of our nation's counties.

  • NATIONAL CRIMINAL RECORD DATABASE SEARCHES: National Criminal Searches are aggregate databases comprised of millions of records from various sources in the United States.

  • FEDERAL DISTRICT CRIMINAL RECORD SEARCHES: Federal Criminal Court searches identify criminal activity prosecuted through the federal court system.

  • FINGERPRINTING SERVICES: We offer Kentucky Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (KCI&I) and/or FBI Background Checks.

  • SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY: Our Multi-State Sex Offender Registry Database search provides sex offender case information in an easy-to-read report.

  • STATEWIDE CRIMINAL RECORDS SEARCHES: Direct access to state repositories in 43 states.

  • CIVICL COURT RECORD SEARCHES: Provide insight into the subject's participation in civil litigation proceedings or disputes.
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Reference & Credentialing

Our Reference and Credentialing Services allows employers to confirm the information provided by their applicants related to their qualifications or highlight disparate information.

  • EDUCATION VERIFICATIONS: Validate your candidate's academic credentials.

  • EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATIONS: Validates employment information provided by your applicants.

  • REFERENCE INTERVIEWS: Contacting former co-workers, supervisors or friends can help you gain additional insight on your applicant's work ethic, abilities, accomplishments, past performance and reliability. A verification of business and/or personal credentials is a valuable source of information about the applicant's general image as perceived by others. Results may offer insight into the candidate's trustworthiness, reliability, competency, and integrity.

  • PROFESSIONAL LICENSE VERIFICATION & CERTIFICATES: Confirms your candidates' representations about their qualifications.

  • MILITARY SERFVICE RECORD VERIFICATIONS: Confirms an applicant's military branch, experience and dates of service.

  • FAA PILOT CERTIFICATIONS/PRIA RECORDS: Allows you to evaluate information concerning a pilot/applicant's training, experience, qualification, and safety background before allowing that individual to begin service as a pilot with your company.

  • WORKERS COMPENSATION CLAIMS: Allows you to determine if an applicant or current employee has a previous record or history of filing workers' compensation claims in the state of being searched.
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Substance Abuse & Physicals

Screening made simple

  • Choose from over 1,000 in-network Patient Service Centers
  • View results and lab locations online
  • Screen using urine, blood or Saliva based testing
  • Screening applications include Pre-Employment, Random and Post-Accident testing
  • DOT and Non-DOT programs available

Establishing quality standards

  • All results are reviewed by a Board Certified MRO
  • All samples are handled in compliance with DOT regulations and guidelines
  • Documented chain of custody forms are provided for all samples
  • Each specimen is reviewed for signs of tampering and adulteration


We offer Clinical Services for both clients and for job applicants who are required by their employer to have a physical exam. With our extensive network of providers, we can coordinate all contact and logistics on your behalf, from initial contact and scheduling, to follow up with clinics to ensure a timely completion of reports. We will work with you to customize a streamlined and consistent program based on your unique needs.

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Global Solutions

Understanding the laws and customs

  • We follow proper local protocols in each country searched Global Screening Options.

Global Screening Services

  • International Criminal Record Searches in over 150 countries
  • Education Verifications
  • Employment Verifications
  • Reference Interviews
  • Office of Foreign Asset Control/Terrorist Watch List Searches

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